4 Wellness Activities To Try This Month

4 Wellness Activities To Try This Month

Boost your incidental exercise


Incidental exercise is the exercise we get from moving about throughout the day, such as when we’re walking to the hawker centre or food court for lunch, as opposed to the running on the treadmill or yoga sessions at the studio. While incidental exercise should not replace the exercise that we should be doing regularly, increasing how much incidental exercise we do daily can help us in maintaining our overall health. Some simple ways include walking 2 or 3 stairs before taking the lift up our workplace. For more tips, take a look at this article.


Take focused 5-15 minute breaks


Instead of surfing the internet or facebook when your batteries are drained at work, try out some simple desk stretches. Better still, quiet your brain from all the constant stimulation with some simple meditation. If you need help, check out the multitude of meditation apps on your local app store.



Relax your body with Endermologie


Did you know that LPG Endermologie isn’t just a cellulite-busting treatment? Endermologie actually has several different programs that can help with detox, relaxation and of course, toning and contouring.  It’s great for water retention and aids in the quest for overall wellness. No wonder so many ladies in Europe do it regularly as a relaxing massage, making it part of their healthy lifestyle! If you’re curious as to how an Endermologie treatment looks like, take a look at this video from Endermologie. Or even better, try a session!



Take care of yourself with hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is not just relaxing, it can also help increase our overall circulation. Some people also love hydrotherapy session for a good exfoliation. Chez Moi De Beaute’s hydrotherapy spa not only does both, the intense bubble action can also help us to burn more calories— all while relaxing in the bath! Getting fit and healthy has never been easier.






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