5 Best Selling Moisturisers in 2018

5 Best Selling Moisturisers in 2018

Now that the year is winding down, it’s time to take a look at the hit moisturisers at Chez Moi this year. Here are the top five moisturisers this year, specially selected from our store for their enduring popularity:


5. Cellugen, $128

If you’re looking for an all-in-one moisturiser, Cellugen by Skin Origins may just be the magic you’ve been looking for. Filled with polypeptides,  yam extract to soothe and heal the skin, as well as epidermal growth factors and Vitamin A and C, the cream moisturises, soothes, and helps to promote the thickening of collagen of our skin for those pesky fine lines.





 4. Peptides Complex, $168

With its tripeptide formula and glutathione, the peptides complex helps to hydrate skin and reduce free radical damage. Skin is supple and smooth after application. Popular with customers of all age groups, the peptides complex to moisturise and heal your skin at the same time.





Epi Gel, $98

Skin’s Origin’s Epi Gel is the go-to moisturiser for many clients with oily and problem skin. This gel moisturiser hydrates wonderfully, but doesn’t leave our skin looking oily after. For those who are particular about product textures, the Epi-Gel is also light and non-sticky.





2. Hyaluron Sensation Cream, $128

With its time release effect and soft and smooth texture, the Hyaluron Sensation Cream effectively moisturises our skin without any feeling of heaviness – instead, the product gets quickly absorbed into our skin. Perfect for all weather, and a great hydration boost for frequent travellers.





1. See Change Beauty Sleep Cream, $198

The #1 moisturiser this year over at Chez Moi, many customers love the See Change Beauty Sleep Cream for its long-lasting hydration effect. Specially formulated for night care, Beauty Sleep hydrates skin and refines your pores as your body rests at night. The active ingredient Sealift improves cell renewal and smoothens skin texture too – so you’ll make the most of your nightly beauty sleep!

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