5 Most Popular Beauty Treatments in 2018

5 Most Popular Beauty Treatments in 2018

 This year, beauty is going high tech.


Clear Light Facial 

LED Light Facial


While some people might be sceptical about LED light facials – rest assured, LED lights have been researched for a long time – and have studies to support the efficacy of these facials. In fact, some people love LED lights so much, they have even created home care LED devices. However, these devices aren’t cheap, and are at a lower frequency so they’re less efficient.


If you’d like to experience the full effects or need a quick skin pick-me-up, Chez Moi De Beaute offers a LED Cubelight session at $68 for 20 minutes a pop, or a full facial for $168, inclusive of an exclusive serum.


Oxyjet Facial at Chez Moi

Oxyjet Facial


Did you know Madonna swears by Oxygen facials?


The Oxyjet Facial not only gives our face that glowy radiance, but it also gently deep cleanses our pores. Anti-oxidants and other vitamins are then infused into skin along with hyperbaric oxygen, leaving skin rejuvenated, fresh and clear.


An Oxyjet Facial costs $180 (trial $120)



m6 face endermologie

M6 Mobilift Facial


Be sleeping beauty no more and awake your skin with the M6 Mobilift facial. This endermologie facial uses mechanical flaps and patented french technology to stimulate our skin cells. so as to smoothen, clarify, tighten and detoxify our skin.


An M6 Facial costs $480 (trial $150)



Indiba Proionic Rejuvenation Promotion

 Indiba Proionic Facial


Lift and sculpt with Indiba, a non-invasive treatment radiofrequency treatment that boosts our natural collagen production for younger, more beautiful skin. Its patented technology promotes ionic cellular exchange, microcirculation and oxygen flow. Whether you are concerned about fine lines or would like to firm and lift, the Indiba Proionic Facial is a versatile anti-ageing facial that can target it all.


An Indiba Facial costs $380 (trial $180)




LPG Endermologie (Alliance Lipomassage)


This year, Chez Moi De Beaute introduced LPG Alliance – the latest generation of Endermologie to our stores. Did you know Chez Moi De Beaute has been providing Endermologie services for more than 10 years? With more comfortable, painless and efficient results, the new endermologie Lipomassage has been well received by customers. And it’s not just for slimming only – customers report loving the tangible feeling of lightness and wellbeing post session.


An LPG Alliance Body Treatment session costs $228 (trial $98)


Check out our instagram stories for a look at what goes on during an LPG Lipomassage session. Check out what Hayzgal, Tjang.Fonda and Rachaelwong have to say about us as well 😉


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