6 Reasons To Exfoliate Your Skin

6 Reasons To Exfoliate Your Skin

1) Smoothens Skin

If you’re plagued with rough skin, exfoliation is a way to help improve skin texture. Think back to how your heels become silky smooth after a pedicure? That’s because the rough dry skin has been removed. You can get smoother skin with regular exfoliation to prevent dead skin build-up!

2) Evens out Skin Tone

Dull skin is often due to the accumulation of dead skin cells skin, grime and make-up residue on our skin surface. As such, our new, soft skin can’t be seen! Exfoliation can help improve microcirculation, encourage new cell generation, and remove old skin cells to reveal the fairer, brighter skin beneath.

3) Minimise Pores

Blackheads and whiteheads occur when sebum gets trapped in pores and form little clogged bumps on the skin. These enlarge pores and make them more visible. Exfoliation helps clear such clogs and returns pores to their original size.

 4) Prevents Acne & Breakouts

Pimples form when clogged pores trap oil, dirt and bacteria, turning our pores into breeding ground for bacteria. Exfoliation helps remove the debris blocking our pores and reduces the likelihood of them getting infected and turning into a pimple.

5) Improves product absorption

Piling on products without removing layers of dead skin only results in product waste. Far smarter to slough away these barriers and apply skincare on clean, unencumbered skin.

 6) Fights signs of aging

Our cells get sluggish as we age, and become less effective at naturally shedding dry skin cells. That’s why our skin appears duller and lines and wrinkles form. Exfoliation helps to remove surface dry skin cells so fine lines are lightened. It also helps stimulate skin’s micro-circulation, awakening cells to get started in the process of natural rejuvenation.


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