Are Dermal Fillers Right For You?

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Are Dermal Fillers Right For You?

Dermal fillers can help us gently recontour our faces without undergoing the knife – which is why this attractive procedure has become increasingly common. Before undergoing the injection though, make sure you’ve considered the points below.



While fillers are generally safe as they are made out of substances similar to our body, it doesn’t guarantee our individual reactions to the fillers. Dr Sarah Tonks talks about What Happens When A YouTuber Is Allergic To Lip Filler. Luckily, such late-onset reactions aren’t common – but as they do happen, it’s worth to keep in mind that your body might not react the way everyone else does.



Secondly, make sure you undergo treatment with a licensed practitioner, with authentic products. While it may be tempting to undergo treatment at a cheaper place or with someone who claims to be experienced, they may be using fake products and in Singapore, dermal fillers can only be legally supplied to doctors. Here are some tips on how to spot fake dermal fillers – as well as how the damage they can do.

Beware! Fake facial fillers can wreck your face

How to spot fake dermal filler products

Unlicensed practitioners using fake products can cause horrific disfigurement


Also – consider the fact that once you’ve jumped on board the filler train, you’ll likely be dependent on it for the long run. Muscles and skin cells tend to get lazy when they come into contact with fillers and botox – ie. when fillers are doing the work of plumping up the skin, skin’s natural collagen and elastin fibres in that area become less active – meaning that when the fillers run out, we’re faced with natural skin that’s less supple than before you started. Meaning… you’ll gradually need more fillers to fill in the growing difference.


If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge or would simply like the results of your fillers to last longer, Hexapeptide-8 (also known by its commercial name, Argireline), is a peptide complex that we can easily apply on our faces (as opposed to injections). Known for being similar to Botox, Hexapeptide-8 blocks neurotransmitters and relaxes our facial muscles, resulting in reduced expression lines. While Botox breaks down neurotransmitters sent from the neuron to the muscle, Hexapeptide-8 prevents neurotransmitters from being released in the first place.


Sounds good?


Try out the new Skin Origin Filler 8, chock full of Hexapeptide-8 goodness today.

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