Are You Burning Out At Work?

Are You Burning Out At Work?

Feeling tired, unmotivated and ill? You may be burnt out from dedicating too much time at work. Burn out can happen to anyone in any industry. However, certain professions such as teaching and education can be more prone to burnout due to the work demands. Are you starting to get burnt out by your job? Burn out isn’t something that occurs suddenly or in a day – instead, it is caused by the piling up of everyday stress that eventually results in our exhaustion, detachment and self-doubt.


Here are some tell-tale signs of job-related burn out:


  • Exhaustion/Chronic Fatigue
  • You find yourself becoming more forgetful
  • You feel that you’re dragging yourself to work every day
  • You find yourself suffering from physical ailments of unknown causes such as stomach aches/headaches/pains/insomnia
  • You find yourself being more irritable when interacting with family, friends and colleagues
  • You don’t enjoy interacting with people as much as you used to
  • You don’t find anything enjoyable or interesting


Do any of these apply to you? If you’ve ticked off more than a few symptoms on the list, you may be starting to exhibit signs of burn out. Take a step back. In our next post, we will show you some ways to deal with job-related stress.



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