BEAUTY Q&A: Why do I only develop acne in certain areas?

BEAUTY Q&A: Why do I only develop acne in certain areas?

Out damned spot! We all hate a bout of acne, but sometimes these annoying spots just recur regularly on the same areas of our face. Here’s a breakdown of some common reasons for acne occurrences in certain facial areas.



Looks Like:

Small congested bumps that might not be obvious to the naked eye. The skin on this area is bumpy to touch.


This occurrence is most common in teenagers during puberty. Hormonal changes at this time escalate sebum production and heightens the likelihood of clogged pores. Sometimes, keeping a fringe can irritate skin and introduce dirt and oil to the forehead area, making it more prone to irritation and infection.


Chin / Jaw

Looks Like:

Large inflamed bumps that might appear from time to time. These can be isolated pimples or might occur several at a time, and are more common in adults.


These might be hormonal acne, caused by a change in your body’s production of hormones. Many women find this common during menopause.


Other Areas:

Sometimes we get blemished skin only on one single area – for example, only the right cheek and never the left, on the sides of our face, etc. While there might be health implications for these unusual occurrences, often, it is merely caused by a much simpler reason – constant exposure to an external source of skin irritation.

Eg: Telephone, keyboard, fingers… and many more!


Try to recall when was the last time you sterilized your computer keyboard, your telephone or your mobile phone? Dust and bacteria accumulate on these objects daily, and we are frequently exposed to them for long periods of time. Imagine an afternoon of typing on a germ infused keyboard, then using those same fingers to scratch your face. Or if you need to make lots of phone calls daily, and don’t sterilize your phone regularly, that might explain why your pimples only happen on the right side of your face – where you hold your phone against it.


So give some thought to the unintended exposure to these acne ‘stimulants’, to see if any are contributing to your skin blemishes. And perhaps it’s time to sterilize your mobile phone!


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