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4 Wellness Activities To Try This Month

Boost your incidental exercise   Incidental exercise is the exercise we get from moving about throughout the day, such as when we're walking to the hawker centre or food court for lunch, as opposed to the running on the treadmill or yoga sessions at the studio. While incidental exercise should not replace...

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CM Insider #3: Therapist Tales

(From L-R) Therapists Tracy, Nok and Nico Who wants to be a farmer after retiring and who entered the industry to pursue a new skill set? We chat with our colleagues to find out what started them on the path to being your friendly neighbourhood therapist ;)   How long have you been in...

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Gift-Father's Day

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

TCR Keratin Fibers, $65 Give your dad the gift of fuller hair this Father's day with a set of TCR Keratin Fibers. A quick sprinkle of TCR Keratin Fibers over thinning hair areas gives the illusion of instantly fuller hair! Don't believe us? Check out the video below!  Keratin Fibers come in...

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