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Teach well, be well

Ergonomic Concerns Teachers spend many hours standing, as well as bending and moving around in general. With so much time spent on your feet, it's no wonder that many teachers struggle with pain in areas such as shoulders, necks and knees. Having to deal with pain can impact our mood and...

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Are You Burning Out At Work?

Feeling tired, unmotivated and ill? You may be burnt out from dedicating too much time at work. Burn out can happen to anyone in any industry. However, certain professions such as teaching and education can be more prone to burnout due to the work demands. Are you starting to get...

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Endermologie: How it can improve our Wellness

If you're interested in working towards better wellness of your mind and body, Endermologie can help you to achieve your wellness goals. It isn't just merely helping us with weight loss and keeping in shape. Why? This is because through its patented technology, Endermologie can help to deeply relax our...

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