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Gift-Father's Day

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

TCR Keratin Fibers, $65 Give your dad the gift of fuller hair this Father's day with a set of TCR Keratin Fibers. A quick sprinkle of TCR Keratin Fibers over thinning hair areas gives the illusion of instantly fuller hair! Don't believe us? Check out the video below!  Keratin Fibers come in...

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day just around the corner, thinking of practical gift options to show how much you appreciate your Dad can be a challenge. Here are some practical and simple options for your Dad this Father's day to make sure he always looks his stylish best.   Skin Origin's Refresh Gel Cleanser,...

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skin structure

Skincare 101: Our Skin Structure

Understanding how your skin is structured can make you more aware of how to care for it. Learn about the different layers in our skin to pinpoint the root of a skin problem!   OUR SKIN STRUCTURE   Did you know our skin consists of three layers? There is the epidermis, which is the...

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CM Beauty Insider #2: What’s in our cabin?

Curious about what products are in a salon's cabin? Here at Chez Moi, we mainly use Phyris and Skin Origin products for our in-house treatments. Let's check out some products our therapists love using in their treatments:   NICO   What's your go-to product in the cabin?   [caption id="attachment_23342" align="alignleft" width="300"] Skin Origin Cleansing Milk[/caption] My...

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travel skincare tips

Caring for your Skin on a Trip

Protect Whether it's sunny, cold or if you're up in the clouds, don't forget to apply sunscreen. The sun's rays can be particularly strong when the plane is high up, so remember to apply sunscreen generously or bring a hat along - especially if you're sitting beside the windows! Bring along...

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