Body Massage

Lark-out Aroma Massage - (60mins / 90mins)

Fragrant full body massage to loosen knotted muscles and help you achieve a state of relaxation.

Californian Energizing Massage - (90mins)

Forceful massage with long deep strokes to rejuvenate and recharge tired bodies.

Back Rub - (30mins)

This back massage kneads away tense back muscles in a jiffy so you can get back to work or play.

Neck & Shoulder Bliss - (15mins / 25mins)

Perfect for office workers to help loosen tight shoulders and stiff necks, after a day of slogging in front of the computer.

Thai Massage - (45mins / 60mins / 90mins)

Oil-less deep tissue massage stretches out muscles and smoothes out crackling joints for instantaneous relief.
Add $8 for Thai Oil massage.

Siatsu Gemstones Body Massage - (90mins)

Unique balancing properties of warm gemstones fised with shiatsu massage strokes. Developed by Shiatsu Master Terry Liew, this massage will leave you blissfully rejuvenated.