CM Insider #3: Therapist Tales

CM Insider #3: Therapist Tales

(From L-R) Therapists Tracy, Nok and Nico

Who wants to be a farmer after retiring and who entered the industry to pursue a new skill set? We chat with our colleagues to find out what started them on the path to being your friendly neighbourhood therapist 😉


How long have you been in this industry and what led you to this path?


Nico: I have been in this industry for 20 years already! The reason was quite simple: I wanted to have a set of skills.


Nok: I have been in this industry since 2003. I was interested in this career path and decided to pursue this career when I came over from Thailand to Singapore.


Tracy: I have been in this industry for 8 years already! I came to Singapore one year after working in Malaysia. In the beginning, I actually wasn’t particularly interested in this career, I just followed my friends who wanted to study this.


What is most satisfying about your job?


Nico: I love when we get customers who are introduced by their friends or through word of mouth! I love it because I think it means that we at Chez Moi De Beaute are doing a good job and have earned the respect and trust of our customers.


Nok: I think this career is very interesting as we get a variety of clients and there are always new skills for us to upgrade.


Tracy: Well, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I see clients who have skin issues, such as pimples or acne, start to improve. As some clients have been coming over for many years, many of them have turned into friends. This brings me great joy as it shows that we have built rapport and trust.


What are some challenges of this career?


Nico: Oftentimes, results are most successful when there is good communication between therapist and the client. But once in a while, you get clients who want results but don’t really follow your advice. It makes me feel quite regretful that I can’t lead that client to make lasting changes to their lifestyle to improve their state of wellness and beauty.


Nok: My language skills were not very good at first so I was quite concerned that this would cause some misunderstandings.


Tracy: Not much, actually. When I came from Malaysia to Singapore, our colleagues over at Chez Moi were very friendly and helped me out a lot. Nonetheless, I still had a lack of confidence at the beginning, as I was afraid that my skills were not good enough to create positive changes in my clients. Luckily, Chez Moi provided me with training so I could become more skilled.


What have you learnt and gained from this job?


Nico: Attitude is incredibly important! How you handle yourself can tell a lot. I’ve gotten many good clients who are very open to sharing their experiences, concerns, preferences and even their personal life. It makes me feel very thankful.


Nok: Firstly, communication! Another thing would be that I have gained many friendships from this job. Clients are always kind enough to give me advice on their own experiences. When they go on holiday, some of them even come back with gifts and share their adventures with me.


Tracy: Communication is incredibly important! With our clients, we need to ensure that there is constant and clear communication and so we will be able to work together to reach his or her goals. Since Chez Moi is a small company, communication is even more important! Many clients also give me suggestions- not just on their own facial preferences, but sometimes on other things as well! Many of them remember to wish me happy birthday on my birthday as well, which feels really nice.


What would you be doing now if you did not become a therapist?


Nico: I have been working in the service industry for many years and can’t really imagine myself doing something else. If I’m not in beauty… I think I would like to be a childcare assistant or nurse though.


Nok: I would be in Thailand! My dream, when I retire, is to become a vegetable farmer, actually.


Tracy: I have two kids, so I think I may be a home-maker.


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