December retrospective: How to reflect on your year

December retrospective: How to reflect on your year

Year-end Reflections can help us to take a step back and look at ourselves and our decisions and emotions throughout the past 12 months. This can help us to understand how much the past year has shaped us- and inform our future decisions as well. If this was a difficult year for you, taking some time out to think about the past year can help you to look at things in a more objective manner.



Here are some questions to help you to kick start your reflection – find a quiet spot and a pen and paper and start thinking about how to answer these prompts:




  • Look back at your social life
    What did you learn from the people around you this year?
    Did you make any mistakes in handling social relationships? If so, how would you have handled them now?
    What is something nice and supportive you did for your friend or family?


  • In terms of your career
    What did you accomplish in terms of your career this year? e.g. Pulling off a difficult project
    Did you manage to hit all of your career goals for the year?


  • In terms of self-development
    What is something new you picked up this year?
    What is a “soft” skill I improved on this year?
    I spent too much time doing ______ this year


  • In terms of money goals
    A money goal that I have reached this year is ______
    I could have managed by money better by ______
    A good/bad investment I made was ______


  • Sum up your year in a sentence
    Through this reflection, you should be able to gain a better understanding of yourself – which will aid you in helping to be able to plan more wisely and realistically for the year ahead. Also remember – self-reflection shouldn’t be a once a year thing – like all good habits, it is best practised daily!


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