Endermologie: How it can improve our Wellness


Endermologie: How it can improve our Wellness

If you’re interested in working towards better wellness of your mind and body, Endermologie can help you to achieve your wellness goals. It isn’t just merely helping us with weight loss and keeping in shape. Why? This is because through its patented technology, Endermologie can help to deeply relax our bodies, which can help to relieve those with sore muscles. This can result in feeling lighter and more energized.


The  LPG Endermologie Alliance machine acts as a mechanical lymphatic drainage system, which can help to flush out toxins. With improved lymphatic circulation, Endermologie users can experience

  • Those with the propensity for fluid retention can get relief
  • Can speed up the healing time of certain surgeries
  • Reduce scarring


With the new LPG Cellu M6 Alliance Machine, the range of wellness treatments has also increased. For those who frequently feel fatigue, the new range of wellness treatments can help to rejuvenate and revitalise our bodies and make us feel more alert. With relaxation, fluid mobilization and a specialised Endermopuncture treatment that can help to stimulate our fibroblasts and burn fat cells as well as smoothen cellulite for overall improved appearance and energy, the wellness treatments can also be highly tailored to your needs.


Interested in discovering more about our LPG wellness treatments for your overall health?

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