How to look your best on National TV

How to look your best on National TV

Don’t forget sun protective gear

Even though the parade doesn’t start until 5:30- wearing sun protective gear is still essential as you will probably be under the sun. Not to mention – wearing sunglasses can help you get a better view of the parachuters without risking UV damage to your eyes!


Paint your faces

When else are you going to get to use the temporary tattoos from your fun pack?



Don’t panic if you’ve got caught on camera, smile and wave your flag!


Haven’t gotten tickets to the live National day show? Here are three other ways you can celebrate National Day:


Join in celebrations at your local community centre

Don’t be too upset if you haven’t gotten tickets to the National day parade. Instead, check out if your local community centre is holding its own celebrations for National Day — while they may not be as fancy as seeing fireworks live, it’s bound to have food, fun and a guaranteed good time spent bonding with your neighbours.


 Go on a Staycation

With so many hotels around the Marina Bay area offering promotions, National Day is a great time to recharge and relax in Singapore. With enough luck, you’ll get to see the fireworks live too!





 Have a picnic

Because what’s better than enjoying good food under the Singapore sun with quality time for your family and friends?






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