How to Reverse the Road to Burn Out


How to Reverse the Road to Burn Out

Take a break


If you’re feeling exhausted and haven’t taken time off in a while, consider taking some time off work to reassess your goals and get your mind off the stressors of work.


Find a pampering ritual


As time goes by, we may find ourselves getting busier and losing ourselves in the midst of work before eventually burning out. By actively caring for ourselves, we take charge of our own wellness and health. It can be as simple as having a weekly work out session at the gym and not answering work-related phone calls on weekends.


Reach Out


Sometimes, opening up to those closest to you can be hard. However, it is essential to let them know how you are feeling and how they can help.  Speak to someone you trust. Consider joining a club of your interest too — you’ll get to socialise and get some rest and relaxation by pursuing your interest.


Have lunch with your colleagues and friends


Instead of spending one too many days having lunch at the desk, have lunch with a group of close colleagues or friends instead – and laugh off the stress together. Establishing a good relationship with your colleagues can also help their understanding of your situation or when you say ‘no’.


Say No


Learning how to say “No” at the right time is an important step in learning how to cope with stress and managing time. Check out How to Stop Saying Yes When You Want to Say No by Tinybuddha for tips on the right way to say “No”.


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