More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

TCR Keratin Fibers

TCR Keratin Fibers, $65

Give your dad the gift of fuller hair this Father’s day with a set of TCR Keratin Fibers. A quick sprinkle of TCR Keratin Fibers over thinning hair areas gives the illusion of instantly fuller hair! Don’t believe us? Check out the video below!  Keratin Fibers come in three shades – Black, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.




TCR Mist Hair Spray

TCR Mist Fiberhold Spray, $28

Use the TCR Mist Hair Spray for soft styling, or to protect keratin fibres from wind and rain. Simply spritz a small amount of mist over affected areas for an easy, natural hold. Its handy size means its great for travel too!

TCR Oily Hair Shampoo

TCR Oily Hair Shampoo, $39

Hair loss is often the result of an oily scalp. Prolonged and uncontrolled sebum production clogs hair follicles, resulting in weak and undernourished hair. The Cosmetic Republic’s Oily Hair shampoo helps to regulate sebum production and deeply cleanses scalp to leave hair light, silky and healthy. Regular usage will also reduce hair fall, so what’s not to like?

Ionic Silver, $65

Protect your Dad’s health with Ionic Silver – nature’s anti-microbial agent! A small daily dose helps keep harmful viruses, bacteria and other nasties away. For more information about the benefits of Ionic Silver, check out this post.



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