Penta Peptides – why it’s good for our skin

Penta Peptides – why it’s good for our skin

Have you ever heard of “Penta Peptides”? If not, get to know more about this fantastic ingredient in skin care in this post.


What are Penta Peptides?

Peptides are made up of amino acids. Amino acids are used to build protein, which are essential building blocks for our skin. When these amino acids are formed in a certain chain, in this case, a chain of five, they create specific peptides. In this case, as they are formed in a chain of five, they are known as “Penta Peptides“.

What makes Penta Peptides so special is that it helps our skin heal from within. Since peptides are made from amino acids which are naturally occurring in our bodies, they are easily accepted by our cells and can work quickly and effectively to improve our skin condition. Of course, there can be different combinations of Penta Peptides – it all depends on the amino acids that are strung together! 


What’s in Skin Origin Penta Peptides?

The Penta Peptides formula in Skin Origin was initially researched for another purpose: by scientists who wanted to find out if such a combination of Penta Peptides could be used to aid in wound healing.  Let’s take a look at five ways these Penta peptides can benefit our skin:


One ingredient, five powerful benefits:


1.Controls hyperpigmentation

Penta peptides have the ability to inhibit tyrosinase and regulate skin pigmentation and spots. For those struggling to get rid of dark spots on their face, penta peptides also have the ability to lighten uneven spots by degrading the existing darker pigment Eumelanin and produce more Pheomelanin. Thus, skin can restore its natural even tone.


2. Aids in Collagen Production

Penta peptides stimulate collagen production. This slows down the effects of ageing as skin starts getting firmer and is more elastic.


3. Increases moisture retention of skin

The skin’s ability to retain moisture is strengthened as active ingredients are transported to the cellular level.


4. Increases penetration of skin care products

By stimulating the cell penetration activity, Penta peptides allow for higher absorption of active ingredients and hence, results can be seen in a shorter time.


5. Free radical scavenger

Penta Peptides can stimulate the skin’s own regeneration processes and improve our skin’s defenses against environmental stressors, as well as act as a free radical scavenger.



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