The Healing Mechanism: What happens when skin heals?

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The Healing Mechanism: What happens when skin heals?

Did you know that when our skin is injured or undergoes trauma, a series of reactions take place to minimise and repair tissue damage? In fact, our skin’s healing mechanism is so effective that many aesthetic treatments now make use of our skin’s own healing mechanism for regeneration and rebuilding of our skin.


There are 3 stages to wound healing:

  • Inflammation
  • Tissue Formation
  • Tissue Remodelling

Let’s get to understand how the three phases work better here:


Inflammatory phase:

This is the body’s natural response to injury. The blood vessels contract and form a clot to prevent further bleeding. After the clotting occurs, growth factors, oxygen and other essential nutrients flood to the traumatised area to facilitate cell renewal and tissue synthesis.

Tissue Formation:

In the second phase of tissue formation, the traumatised area begins to be rebuilt. The wound is rebuilt via granulation tissues, which contain collagen. To fill in any gaps between the cells, an extracellular gel-like material known as Ground Substance helps to provide nutrients and interstitial fluids surrounding the cells. After the area has been rebuilt, the ‘groundwork’ for blood vessels has been laid and new blood vessels are formed. Finally, there is the stage of re-epithelialization. During re-epithelialization, the ‘sealing’ process of the wound is completed as keratinocytes resurface to close the skin’s surface.


Tissue Remodelling

Lastly, tissue remodelling is the last stage of the wound healing process. Also known as “maturation”, this last phase can last for many years. Conversion of young Type III collagen to strong type I collagen happens and our wound’s tensile strength increases.

Remember that when going for treatments to treat acne scars, patience is key as results are not immediate. It may take up to a year for the results to be seen.


Utilizing your skin’s own healing mechanism to repair problem skin can be a very effective skincare solution. Struggling with pitted scars and rough skin? Try the Skin Origin MTS Innopen Treatment Program  – a dermal stamping procedure to repair acne scars, improve skin tone, firm and rejuvenate dull, rough skin. Call or email us for more details!

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