The new Luxesse is here


The new Luxesse is here

Fans of Phyris might have already heard about the newly reformulated Phyris Luxesse range, which is now better than ever. The new range, which is infused with luxurious natural ingredients, is formulated to strengthen our skin barrier and smooth away any signs of ageing.


The star ingredient in the range features Black South Sea Pearl Extract from the Taihiti as well as Passionflower oil.


Black South Sea Pearl Extract helps support our skin with its mineral substances and protein building blocks, making our skin feel smoother and more radiant.


A versatile, light oil suitable for all skin types, Passionflower oil not only contains lipids beneficial for our skin, it also contains vitamins and antioxidants that support our skin in anti-ageing and regeneration.


Each product also features it’s own individual star ingredients – making Luxesse a potent anti-aging powerhouse. In fact, the Luxesse series offers a three-fold anti-ageing effect – which doesn’t simply refer to its ability to rejuvenate, restore and firm.


The Luxesse three fold anti-ageing effect refers to the changes you see and feel upon the moment of application:


  • Your skin feels smoother and hydrated, resulting in a fresher looking appearance
  • Fine lines look less prominent after a few days of continuous application
  • With consistent and continuous use, the regenerative effect takes place, resulting in a firmer and contoured appearance.



The Luxesse range has three different creams, ensuring its suitability regardless of skin concerns and age.


Luxesse Silk

Just like its name, the Luxesse Silk is a silky smooth, mildly fragranced cream of light consistency that gets quickly absorbed without a hint of stickiness. Aside from the signature South Sea Black Pearl and Passionflower oil, the Luxesse Silk also features silk proteins. If you’re wondering what’s so special about silk proteins, sciencebasedbeautygal talks all about silk proteins and what it can do for our face – which includes improving the skin barrier, as well as being chockful of amino acids.


The Luxesse Silk also features Lavender extract, famous for its soothing properties – but did you know that Lavender’s well-known soothing and relaxing properties also extends to smoothening out pesky fine lines? For those with slight sensitivity prone skin or are in their early thirties, the Luxesse Silk is a great way to get started with effective anti-ageing that can keep the lines away for years to come.



Luxesse Refill

For those who need something richer, the Luxesse Refill is a creamy and intensive moisturiser. With Red Algae to firm and moisturise, Para Cress as a natural wrinkle-smoothener and Southernwood plant for contour firming and lipid synthesis, this unique blend of ingredients coupled with South Sea Black Pearl and Passionflower oil works wonderfully at improving our appearance of wrinkles. Despite its texture, the cream gets quickly absorbed into our skin too.



Luxesse Sleep

For a night cream, Luxesse’s Sleep Cream provides hydration throughout the night, so you wake up without that tight, dry and uncomfortable feeling. Aside from hydration, Luxesse’s Sleep Cream also works on firming up your skin while you sleep. Monoi Oil – a precious oil that is only retrieved via a maceration process, acts on improving our skin’s elasticity. Plant extract liquid crystals derived from Olive also strengthens our skin barrier.




If you’re looking for something else besides a cream, the Luxesse range also includes an eye cream to brighten dark circles and lift eye contours, as well the Luxesse Vision Face Lift, a shimmering lifting serum with high molecular hyaluronic acid and pistachio extract for intense hydration, lift, healing and micro-circulation.


The Luxesse range retails from $159 – $269.

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