Tips To Improve your Gift Giving Technique

Tips To Improve your Gift Giving Technique

Gift giving always seems to be more stressful than enjoyable, even if you’re buying something for your loved one. Here are some tips to make your gift-buying experience less stressful and more useful too.



Think About The Person


Is there nothing that the other party would not like, or have you not been paying attention? Sometimes, tiny details can hint at what your colleague, friend or family member may like. Paying attention shows that you value the relationship you have with them, and they might be pleasantly surprised at you remembering something they mentioned in passing when no one else did. Think about what you know about that person’s interests, personality, and needs before deciding on your gift.




Create A List

Creating a list can help to save time and you’ll probably spend less time thinking about what to gift who (or who to gift what). When making the list, ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • How is this useful?
  • Am I spending the appropriate the amount for that person?
  • How would this make them feel?





Set A Budget


An expensive gift isn’t always the best. Think about how much you want to spend on your friends, family and colleagues and buy accordingly. Also, make sure how much you’re spending is appropriate for the event at hand.


Wrap Your Gifts Nicely


The exterior is (almost) as important as the interior. Remember the term “it’s the thought that counts”? How thoughtful you are certainly can also be shown in the way you present your gifts. Think of the environment too when wrapping – reusing wrapping paper isn’t a faux pas- just make sure the gift wrap is well maintained and doesn’t hint at having been pre-loved.


Featured image by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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