Wellness 101: How To Keep Anxiety At Bay Even At The Most Stressful Times


Wellness 101: How To Keep Anxiety At Bay Even At The Most Stressful Times


Being in touch with our own feelings is an important part of our overall well being. However, with our busy lifestyle, we might neglect our own feelings and stress or even downplay them. Eventually, we feel dissatisfied, unhappy and lonely. Taking time to examine our own feelings and learning how to manage them in a healthy way is an important part of keeping ourselves in tune.


Talk with someone you trust

Bottling up your feelings can become unhealthy. If you bottle your feelings too much, your negative feelings might eventually manifest themselves in symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and other psychosomatic symptoms. Instead, talk about your feelings and concerns with someone you trust. You will also realise that you are not alone. Having a supportive friend can help make a stressful situation seem less overwhelming and you will gain a better perspective on your problems. Even if talking does not solve a problem, it can feel cathartic and as we release our emotions, we will feel better and more confident that we can resolve the issue.


Positive affirmations

Another way to transform ourselves is through positive affirmations. Our mental attitudes shape our character and our worldview. Hence, positive affirmations can help us in transforming our thinking from one of negativity to one of self-empowerment. The positive affirmations act like mantras that act as powerful reminders of what we can achieve. Positive affirmations are very simple but powerful thought tools to help revamp ourselves and feel calm and secure. For instance, a person feeling frustrated might think “I am not good enough to get promoted at work”. Instead of having such self-sabotaging thoughts, turn this around and change your thought to something positive such as “I am a creative and vigorous individual whose work is recognized by my colleagues.” It is also important to repeat this to yourself daily, set a reminder on your phone with this message every day.


Mindfulness practice

Anyone can practice mindfulness. It is a training approach of the mind to help us achieve emotional clarity and calmness. Mindfulness practice has several benefits, including improving our working memory, creativity and focus, and is a great way to improve our overall well being. For more information on the benefits and practice of mindfulness, check out these two links 1,2,

A simple way to get started is to take 5 minutes every morning for a mini meditation. It’ll help you feel more grounded and you’ll be better equipped to handle the day’s challenges.


5-Minute Mini Meditation

1. Find a comfortable spot and keep your posture upright but relaxed. You can put your hands comfortably by the side or place them how you like.

2. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly through your diaphragm. Take note of your sensations at that time, and visualise the stress going away by melting away, or escaping your body with every breath.

3. If you have a lot of brain chatter and other thoughts during meditation, instead of stressing out, acknowledge these thoughts and return your mind to the present moment.

4. Repeat these steps for five minutes, or longer if you wish. Over time, this can help us to manage our anxiety and stress levels.


Stress Management = Self-Care

Adopting strategies to help us relax and cope with stress is an important part of our overall well-being we should not ignore. For those who struggle with stress and anxiety, relaxation strategies can be challenging at first. However, we should keep in mind that consistent practice is most important in order to transform our state of mind from a frazzled to a calm state of mind. Last but not least, a beautiful, stress-free inner mindscape will make you look calm and beautiful on the outside too. 


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