Wellness Tips for Mothers: How to Reduce the Stress of Parenting


Wellness Tips for Mothers: How to Reduce the Stress of Parenting

Parenting is one of life’s toughest challenges and while there can be no better reward than seeing your child grow and learn, there are times when the stress of parenting can get to the best of us and affect the relationships with the people we care for in our lives.


Here are some tips on how to care for yourself too, so you can stay in the best shape for your loved ones.


1. Support systems are essential in helping us to decrease parenting stress. Moreover, it is important for the support system to be positive. If you network with the PTA and find them too judgmental, find other means to connect with other parents instead. It could be as simple as sharing your worries with fellow parents on a parenting forum or establishing a relationship with the parents at your child’s art class.


2. Engage in self-care: Self-care helps us to strengthen our inner selves and feel better as well as relax ourselves but taking a break to focus on one’s self may be one of the hardest things to do as a parent. It could be something as simple as making yourself a hot cup of camomile tea and sipping it at your own time when your kids are tucked into bed, or getting a relaxing facial.


3. Spend more quality time with family: Spending more quality time with family through bonding activities (e.g. appreciating nature together) can not only help us to reduce stress, it can also be useful in improving our relationship with our children, especially if the relationship between parent and child have been chaotic or extra-stressful lately, and maintain the family’s well being.


4. Lastly, if the stress gets out of hand, consider seeking professional help. Speaking to a therapist can help you to sort out your feelings and learn strategies on how to handle your stress better.


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