What is Endermologie and why it can help you in your quest for natural beauty

What is Endermologie and why it can help you in your quest for natural beauty

You might have heard of Endermologie, but do you know what it actually does? Endermologie is an FDA-approved treatment that can help with inch-loss, body contouring, firming and smoothing cellulite. You can suss out the facts yourself – many scientific studies have been done on the effects of Endermologie, which you can find on www.lpgmedical.com/en/studies-cosire/


Endermologie first started in the 1980s – the “LPG” actually stands for the founder’s name Louis Paul Guitay! He created Endermologie as a machine treatment to help soften his scar tissue after an accident, when he found that the treatment done by his physical therapists to be inconsistent. This went on until he discovered that the treatment also helped with improving skin texture. In fact, Endermologie has been so successful, it is now in its 10th generation.


The latest Endermologie machine (ALLIANCE) is the most intelligent generation and offers Endermologie users even more benefits and convenience. The signature Endermologie rollers for the Lipomassage body treatment have further improved. The rollers now have the ability to grab more tissue and even to recognize the sort of tissue for optimal treatment results – this means results can be seen more quickly, from the third session! The best thing is – it’s a really quick and comfortable body treatment, but with excellent results. In fact, did you know that you can accumulate more than 10 hours of physical exercise with a mere 30-minute LPG session?

The mechanical roller & flap in the new Endermologie ALLIANCE treatment head can help to create an action that helps to improve circulation, target deep-tissue stimulation, and improve cellular regeneration.

Besides the targeted Endermo ID body shaping treatments, the new Endermologie Cellu M6 Alliance offers new well-being treatments, including:


  • Fluid Mobilization (30 mins)
  • Relaxation (30 mins)
  • Endermopuncture (50 mins)

Try it out now @ $98 (for 30 min treatments) and $138 for 50 min Endermopuncture treatments.


For more information, check out the video below:

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